Best Pacific Coast Travel Experience I Had Ever

Traveling is one of the common leisure activities to the people all over the world. It can be considered as an important part of our life as it helps us to relax from all kinds of stress and tiredness. Besides that, traveling widens our outlooks and helps us to gather real life experience by visiting many places and meeting new people. Traveling also helps us to know much about other cultures. Today I am sharing the best pacific coast experience I had recently in the Oregon coast.

You should probably hear the Oregon coast road trip. Generally, all of the good Oregon coast road trip starts and ends with an amazing oceanfront view. I heard many exciting experience of Oregon coast trip from my friends that made me interested to go there. Many visitors who go Manzanita prefer to take a pacific coast travel. Nobody wants to miss the fun things besides taking in the beaches and coastline. So, I and four of my friends went to the Manzanita beach last year. The place is so popular to the beach goers, that’s why you will find people visit the place all over the year. As we went there at the time of the pick tourist season, we book our rooms through Airbnb Manzanita. After staying one night at the Manzanita beach, the next day, we decided to go to the Neskowin Oregon which is fifty-seven miles south of the Manzanita beach. There was a story about a ghost forest Oregon that we heard by local people. This place can be just observed by them occasionally. Most of the time this place stays berried underneath the sands of the excellent Neskowin beach. After that, this place is known as the Ghost Tree Capital. I drove to the Neskowin Oregon in the morning to see the Neskowin Ghost Forest. We decided to stay there at Neskowin vacation rentals as we wanted to explore the place. We were not the only group who stayed there. We meet many visitors at the Neskowin Oregon hotels and they were also excited to explore the place.

During our stay at the Neskowin vacation rentals, we heard a story about a specific haunted house by an old tourist. The haunted house was called Old Wheeler Hotel which was near Manzanita beach. We were so excited to visit one of the most popular haunted places in Oregon. As many visitors heard weird sounds, experienced scary stuffs, people believe that a spirit living in that house that’s why paranormal activities are occurring there. We moved to the place to get a unique experience in the hotel which was only five miles away from the Manzanita beach.

Honestly said, that was a great coast travel experience for me and my friends. We all enjoyed each and every moment of our journey. Visited these places gave us adventurous feelings along with goosebumps. So, you can try a coast travel experience in the Oregon coast with your friends and family.

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